About Us

Fuel Systems Technology (or FST) was created to develop a line of
carburetors that is not only affordable but innovative, while never
sacrificing quality. These three principles drive us to make the best
carburetors possible, from our entry level street RT series, all the way
up to our full race Billet Excess Pro series.

    Our engineers have spent their entire careers in the high performance
aftermarket, developing various carburetors for enthusiasts, pro racers,
and everyone in between. They helped form FST with the same goal that
we all share – to get the best performing system into your vehicle, for
the best price possible.

    We too are the users, cruisers, and enthusiasts pushing our street rods,
muscle cars, and drag cars to their limits. We understand the time, effort,
and investment that you put into your vehicle. FST is our opportunity to
bring you something innovative, quality driven, and affordable.